Even St. Julien is a 13 year old teen news reporter for EVEN News, a kid news station in Acadiana. Even started doing the news in 2016, in his hometown of Mire, Louisiana. He has grown from 100 view to over 22k views. Even does investigative stories, and focuses on always having a good outcome. Even still lives in his hometown, Mire, Louisiana and attends Mire Elementary School. Even is the son of Celeste Prejean (mother), Marlon St. Julien (father), and Chad Touchet (step-father) 

Even enjoys cooking, and spending time with family and friends. One of Even's favorite things to do when he is not busy is have a singing concert in his family room. Even loves to sing, and has a good singing voice.  

Even has a passion for public speaking. Even is the PA announcer for Scott Park, along with being the junior Public relations Coordinator of the Rayne and Crowley Animal Shelters. Everyone who knows Even knows Even can carry a good conversation, for a long time. Even was blessed with a mouth to talk. He gets it from his mother. 

Even also loves to volunteer. Even volunteers at local animal shelters, local park and at his school. 

Even loves hearing from his viewers. If you'd like to speak, schedule a meeting, or an interview with Even, please email evenstjulienscheduling@gmail.com